Heirs’ Property Issues

We can help with estates where there are heirs’ property issues.

An heirs’ property refers to any type of property passed down through generations without a clear and legally documented will or estate plan. When heirs’ property is involved in an estate, it can lead to a variety of issues within families.

Heirs’ Property Issues

In most cases, an heirs’ property often lacks a clear, marketable title because ownership is often shared among multiple people. For this reason, there is usually not a clear record of ownership, and if multiple heirs are involved, it can be challenging to determine who has what rights to the property. This uncertainty can lead to disputes and conflicts among family members.

If one of your family members’ estates has heirs’ property issues, you need competent legal guidance and counsel to navigate this difficult situation. At Johnson DuRant, LLC, our law firm has experience working on estates where heirs’ property issues are involved, and we are confident that we have the expertise required for your situation.

As a member of your legal team, we will work diligently to establish ownership for the property that you and the other heirs involved can comply with. We will represent your best interests throughout the process to ensure that you receive what is rightfully owed when the estate is closed.

We take cases relating to heirs’ property issues for clients in Manning, Sumter, and Santee, South Carolina, as well as the surrounding areas of Clarendon County and Orangeburg County. For additional information about heirs’ property issues and why they require legal oversight, reach out to our law firm today.